Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travelers: Customs Info

For those of you that travel through US Customs regularly, you probably already know these. If not, check them out before your next trip.

Did you know that if you're traveling with an animal, they are subject to inspection on arrival in the US? Make sure the vaccinations and shots are up to date.

You probably know you cannot bring fruit into the US. But, think about this. Customs dogs can sniff out lingering aromas...so if you carried oranges or whatever in your bag while on vacation, those smells probably still remain. You won't get in trouble but you could be delayed.

Hiking boots may be a risk...especially if you're wearing them. They could be contaminated with dirt, seeds, or other things. For instance, if you're traveling to Australia or New Zealand you will need to declare your hiking boots. You may have to wait while they are cleaned or in some cases, throw them away.

Toss your food you forgot to eat on the plane, especially if it's considered fresh food. Be sure to declare any wrapped food on your form so customs officials know what you have.

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