Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Travelers: Airlines to Check Out

Think all airlines are created equal? You might be surprised by some of these offerings.

Ever heard of Porter Airlines? These planes have 32 inch economy class seat pitch and no middle seats. All passengers also get lounge access with free Wi-Fi and complimentary beer and wine. They also offer discounts. Could be why Conde Nast Traveler picked Porter as the world's best small airline in 2013.

Emirates is close to being the world's largest airline we've seen lately. If you're flying on their double decker A380 planes you might see lounges, shower spas, and more. They're making quite the effort to attract all flyers by giving backpacks to young flyers and even offering special frequent flyer programs for kids.

OpenSkies Airline was once an all business class airline that has now begun to offer economy class as well. It's a British Airways subsidiary. The best get to skip the long security lines with a special shorter TSA screening process.

Virgin America offers mood lighting and comprehensive onboard entertainment with Wi-Fi, plugs, touch screens to order drinks and food, and a redesigned boarding pass.

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