Thursday, July 24, 2014

Travelers: Do You Pack These?

Do you use a reusable shopping bag at home? Why not pack one when you travel? Some fold flat and fit into your day pack or purse. I use one that stuffs into its own bag and also fits in my purse. When I need it, I shake it out and it's ready to be filled.

Do you pack emergency snacks? You might love the pretzels and peanuts on the airplane. But, what about something a little more substantial to get you by until you can eat dinner somewhere other than the airport?

Do you pack an extra memory card? If you're like me, you take hundreds of photos. I always have an extra memory card in my bag. I don't have to waste time asking where the nearest electronics store is.

Do you pack lip balm? Even if you don't regularly use it, it's great for lips on airplanes. With all that dry air, your lips could use the extra moisture. Did you know you could use it in an emergency to tame frizzy hair ends, add some moisture to dry cuticles, unstick a stuck zipper, and even double as sunscreen?

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