Friday, July 4, 2014

Travelers: Beach Bags

Don't forget these items when heading to the beach for a weekend or a longer vacation.

Waterproof bag: You can protect so much without having to worry about dripping water and sand ruining your phone, computer tablet, and more.

Wet wipes: These come in handy for a multitude of uses from wiping sticky fingers, wiping sand off your face, wiping off the beach chairs, to....

Sun screen: Really a no brainer, but don't forget the lip balm with SPF, sunscreen for your face, and leave in conditioner for your hair.

Trash bag: If you contain all your trash in one spot, you won't have to keep running to the garbage can. Plus, your trash won't blow all over the place if it's secure in the bag.

Bug spray: You may not need this, but you never know.

Antiperspirant: After a day of sweating in the sun, this might come in handy. Keep in mind, many types will melt. Look for roll on ones.

After sun lotion: No matter how much sunscreen you apply and how often, it seems like your skin is still dried out and wants to burn a little. Brings some lotion with aloe which will help cool any burned areas.

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