Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travelers: Summer Travel

It's already summer, so hopefully your summer travel plans are all finalized. Most travel experts recommend booking about 60 to 90 days in advance. After that, you may find some airline deals but most tickets will cost you more for summer travel.

Do you book any admission tickets, park passes, campsite entrance fees, or museum passes online ahead of time? If not, you should think about doing that. Usually you can save some money. Many places offer online discounts or coupons as well. And, it sure beats standing in line.

Do you check the weather before you go? If so, you'll know whether you need a rain coat or sunscreen or both.

Download some helpful apps. GasBuddy shows you the cheapest gas stations on your road trip route. Check your traffic app to see where traffic is the worst or the best. You may find a better route.

Check for free activities near your destination. Most city tourism websites offer deals and coupons..

You may want to hang onto these tips and use them next summer!

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