Thursday, June 26, 2014

Travelers: Getting Ready to Go

Last time I talked about what to do when you arrive back home. Let's talk about some pre-planning tips before you leave on your next trip.

You may already do these things, but if not...ask yourself these questions.

Do you have a house or cat or dog sitter you need to contact in advance? I don't mean the day before, either.

Do you stop your mail and paper or does your house sitter take care collecting those?

Do you have your first day of your trip planned? By this I mean, do you know how you are getting from the airline terminal to the rental car place or the hotel or the train station?

Do you have enough money or do you need to stop at an ATM?

Do you know how you're getting to the airport?

Do you need to call your cell phone carrier?

Have you called your bank and credit card companies?

Have you checked the weather?

Have you planned your last day of your trip? By this I mean, do you know how you're getting to the airport, do you have to check out of your hotel or is it automatic, do you know where your keys are, if you drove to your home airport do you remember where you parked, do you have money to pay for that parking?

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