Saturday, June 28, 2014

Expedited Security

Immigration lines seem to be getting longer and the wait seems to be mirroring the length of the lines.

There are some programs you can join to help you stand in fewer lines. You may want to investigate these, especially if you travel frequently outside the US.

The Trusted Traveler Program requires that you apply, submit a fee, have an interview at an enrollment center, have at least two forms of ID, and have a permanent address and valid driver's license.

Global Entry expedites customs and immigration clearance at airports for trusted travelers returning to the US from a foreign country.

Nexus US and Canada expedites two way clearance at land, sea, and airport border stations for trusted travelers.

Flux for US and The Netherlands expedites two way clearance at US and Netherlands airports for trusted travelers.

Smart Entry Service for US and South Korea expedites entry through Korean airport customs and immigration systems for trusted travelers.

Sentri for US and Mexico expedites two way border crossing between the US and Mexico for trusted travelers.

TSA Pre Checks expedites the security screening process at major US airports.

Clear: The Private Approach expedites the security screening process at seven US airports.

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