Monday, June 30, 2014

Travelers: Miscellaneous Tips

Do you use your baggage tags as lint removers?

You don't need to bring shaving cream. Use the hair conditioner provided in your hotel.

Drinking straws have many uses. Keep your necklaces or chains from getting tangled. Wrap some duct tape around a straw instead of bringing a whole roll.

Dental floss can be used as thread.

Baby shampoo can also be used as laundry detergent, to de-fog your swim or dive goggles, or for a quick wash of clothes in a sink.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Expedited Security

Immigration lines seem to be getting longer and the wait seems to be mirroring the length of the lines.

There are some programs you can join to help you stand in fewer lines. You may want to investigate these, especially if you travel frequently outside the US.

The Trusted Traveler Program requires that you apply, submit a fee, have an interview at an enrollment center, have at least two forms of ID, and have a permanent address and valid driver's license.

Global Entry expedites customs and immigration clearance at airports for trusted travelers returning to the US from a foreign country.

Nexus US and Canada expedites two way clearance at land, sea, and airport border stations for trusted travelers.

Flux for US and The Netherlands expedites two way clearance at US and Netherlands airports for trusted travelers.

Smart Entry Service for US and South Korea expedites entry through Korean airport customs and immigration systems for trusted travelers.

Sentri for US and Mexico expedites two way border crossing between the US and Mexico for trusted travelers.

TSA Pre Checks expedites the security screening process at major US airports.

Clear: The Private Approach expedites the security screening process at seven US airports.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Travelers: Getting Ready to Go

Last time I talked about what to do when you arrive back home. Let's talk about some pre-planning tips before you leave on your next trip.

You may already do these things, but if not...ask yourself these questions.

Do you have a house or cat or dog sitter you need to contact in advance? I don't mean the day before, either.

Do you stop your mail and paper or does your house sitter take care collecting those?

Do you have your first day of your trip planned? By this I mean, do you know how you are getting from the airline terminal to the rental car place or the hotel or the train station?

Do you have enough money or do you need to stop at an ATM?

Do you know how you're getting to the airport?

Do you need to call your cell phone carrier?

Have you called your bank and credit card companies?

Have you checked the weather?

Have you planned your last day of your trip? By this I mean, do you know how you're getting to the airport, do you have to check out of your hotel or is it automatic, do you know where your keys are, if you drove to your home airport do you remember where you parked, do you have money to pay for that parking?

Jessup Celler's Dress to the Vines weekend

Check out this wonderful event...hope to see you there.

Jessup Cellars’ Dress to the Vines Weekend 2014 Expands Throughout Yountville, Opens Fashion is Art II Exhibition & Invites K-Nine Friends to Primp & Stroll

Celebration Includes Fundraising & Accessory Drive for Dress for Success San Francisco

(Yountville, CA, May 20th 2014)  Jessup CellarsDress to the Vines weekend has moved earlier in the summer to June 26th through 28th, expanded activities beyond its Yountville Tasting Gallery, and invited its canine friends to join the celebration in 2014. Yountville, renowned for great wine and food, luxury resorts, and being pedestrian and dog friendly, naturally attracts residents and visitors alike with a flair for style. Dress to the Vines takes all of these elements of style and taste and wraps them into one, delicious weekend. A portion of the weekend proceeds, as well as an accessory drive, benefits Dress for Success San Francisco, a non-profit that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, network support, and career development.

“Our vision from year one was to expand Dress to the Vines throughout Yountville,” explains Judd Wallenbrock, General Manager at Jessup Cellars. “We’re honored to partner with our local business friends to create fresh looks and experiences with each event. The addition of Dress for Success San Francisco as our charitable partner puts the finishing touch on our three-day celebration.”

Featured guests and partners include Bardessono Hotel & Spa, Lucy Restaurant & Bar, V Marketplace, CellarPass TV, Sisters Boutique, Wine Fashionista Mary Orlin, Sarah Horowitz Parfums, Mia Marcelle Swimwear, Kahoy Kollection eyewear, artist Cynthia Carey, ArtyChockers, Blue Poppy Jewels, Vintage Trunk, Cake Plate, Bespoke Fashion & Styling, Amelia Claire and Sole Provider.

The weekend kicks-off poolside on Thursday, June 26th with Bardessono Hotel & Spa’s Dive Bar Fashion Party2. On Friday, June 27th it’s the TasteMaker: Wine, Dine & Design Dinner at Lucy Restaurant & Bar. Saturday, June 28th begins with the Dress to the K-nines Stroll and Sister’s Boutique Sip ‘n’ Shop at V-Marketplace. Saturday wraps the weekend with the opening celebration of Jessup Cellars’ resident artist and curator Cynthia Carey’s Art is Fashion II exhibition and a Summer Look Fashion Mixer with Napa Valley’s top boutiques.

In partnership with, complete information about the weekend’s celebrations and tickets are at An overview of the Dress to the Vines weekend of activities and partners follows below. Media passes, high-resolution photographs, and interviews are available upon request for selected events.

# # #



6pm to 8pm
Bardessono’s Dive Bar Fashion Party2
Jessup Cellars Wines | Fragrance Pairings | Swimwear Show

Join Jessup Cellars at Bardessono’s Dive Bar Fashion Party2 featuring Jessup Cellars wines paired with Sarah Horowitz Parfums by Mary Orlin, Huffington Post’s wine, food, fashion and fragrance blogger. The Spa at Bardessono will make a splash with a swimwear show, featuring designer Mia Marcelle, with eyewear by Kahoy Kollection. Lucy’s Bartender Brady Wilkens will serve up exclusive cocktails created with Tito’s Vodka and Maestro Dobel Tequila, while Chef Victor Scargle offers up delicious bites.

No Cover | Fine Wine & Cocktail Specials
Space Limited ~ Admittance is First-Come, First-Served & Not Guaranteed


6pm to 9pm
TasteMaker Dinner: Wine, Dine & Design

The evening begins with sips of Jessup Cellars just released 2013 Sauvignon Blanc in the private dining room and intimate patio at Lucy. Special guest fashion designer and stylist Marta Kappl of Bespoke Fashion & Styling in St. Helena will share her story of how she uses the finest, most exclusive cotton available to create her custom, cotton shirt line. As she explains, “Cotton is a luxury fiber that has its own terroir, much like wine.” Marta will also explore the health aspects of wearing natural, organic cottons. Over dinner, Jessup Cellars will present its flagship wines and how the winery approaches designing its signature blends, while executive chef Victor Scargle of Lucy will demonstrate how to achieve the “look” of presentation with each dinner course, including to-die-for dessert.
Seating is very limited.

General $175 | Members $150


10:00am to 11:00am
Dress to the K-Nines Stroll
A Casual Walk & Best Dressed Contest

The town of Yountville is famous for many things, including being pedestrian and dog friendly, so Jessup Cellars has merged this distinction with Dress to the Vines. Dog lovers and their best friends will meet at 10am to gather for a photo shoot at Jessup Cellars, and then stroll south through town, past The French Laundry gardens, and finish at V-Market Place for an informal Best Dressed Contest. ArtyChokers, creators of designer, interchangeable dog collars, will be on hand with a pop-up for consultation and shopping to outfit humankind’s best friends.

11:00am to 3:00pm
Sun Kissed Sip & Shop with Sisters Boutique
Beauty Tips | Designer Jewelry Pop Ups | Summer Wines

Right on the heels of our Dress to the K-Nines stroll, the day’s wine country fashion celebration heads upstairs to Sisters Boutique in V-Marketplace. Sisters’ team of expert style consultants will share quick tips on how to achieve that “Sun Kissed” look for summer, while Jessup Cellars shares tastes of its refreshingly delicious 2012 Chardonnay and just released 2013 Sauvignon Blanc. To put the final touch on the afternoon, Blue Poppy Jewels by designer Susan Nelson is hosting a truck show featuring its brilliant gems and quality metals fused with Susan’s design esthetic of simple elegance.

2pm to 5pm
Make It Up & Blow It Out with Sisters Boutique
Get Styled for the “Art is Fashion II” Opening Exhibition & Summer Look Fashion Mixer

Guests attending the night’s opening of Jessup Cellars Art is Fashion II Exhibition by resident artist and curator Cynthia Carey and Summer Look Fashion Mixer may book special makeup and blow out appointments. These are limited and come with special surprises!

Call Sisters at 707.944.8400 for an Appointment

7pm to 10pm
Fashion is Art II Exhibition Opening & Summer Look Fashion Mixer
TasteMakers | Designers | Artists | Boutiques | Signature Wines

This is the night to gather with friends, celebrate wine country fashion, and Dress to the Vines! DJ Durojaiye Versatile will set the tone as resident artist and curator Cynthia Carey opens her Fashion is Art II exhibition at the Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery with delicious wine, exceptional bites, and special treats. Created in multiple mediums, the beauty of fashion inspires each of these original pieces. The evening’s fashion mixer will be Webcast live by CellarPass TV and showcase Napa Valley’s top boutiques, including Cake Plate, Amelia Claire, Sole Provider, Sisters Boutique and Vintage Trunk, all sharing their favorite looks for summer in wine country.

General $35 | Members $25

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Travelers: Coming Home

You've had a great trip and now you're home. What do you need to do besides empty your suitcase and start the laundry?

The obvious, of course, are to deal with your mail, restart your paper, pay your house or cat sitter, and read the emails you didn't while on vacation.

Do you also do these things?

Check your credit card statements to make sure they match with what you charged while on vacation.

Check your bank statements, especially if you used a debit card or bank card.

Remember to turn off any international packages on your cell phones.

Download your photos and sort through them.

Check your airline miles, hotel programs, rental car loyalty programs, etc. that you may have used. Make sure to get credit for all your accounts.

And, my favorite...start planning your next trip.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Travelers: Socks

Those socks airlines give you on overseas flights come in handy for more than just keeping your feet warm on the flight.

You probably won't wear them once you get home as most are impossible to fit into any shoes. However, they work great for protecting anything you don't want to get scratched or chipped in your luggage.

They also work as a glasses holder in case you forgot yours or to keep items separated in your bag.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Travelers: Your Bag

Do you have a luggage tag on your bag? Good.

Do you have a tag or business card or some other form of address on the inside of your bag? I hope so.

The outside one can get torn or ripped off your bag. Yes, even the sturdy looking tags can get caught on something and ripped right off.

If you need to identify your bag or if your bag gets lost...having your contact information on the inside will be a big help in getting your bag back.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Travelers: Packing Mistake

You already know that most hotels have the amenities you want or need. How about things like hairdryers or irons?

If you need a hairdryer, an iron, or any other item it would be a good idea to check to see if the hotel has it.

I always check for hairdryers. Many times the hotel website has listed what their room amenities are...but not always. If I can't find it listed, I call the hotel directly. No sense packing bulky items if I don't need to.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Travelers: Irish Coffee


When in San Francisco, head to The Buena Vista Cafe for a tasty Irish Coffee. Although the cafe opened in 1916, this Irish Coffee wasn't introduced until 1952. The owner at that time combined his efforts with a travel writer to recreate the cocktail that was first invented in Ireland in 1943.

Today, The Buena Vista Cafe fills 2,000 to 3,500 glasses every day of this wonderful mixture of warm coffee laced with Irish Whiskey. You'll find a white coated bartender lining up tulip shaped glasses, placing two white sugar cubes in each, filling them with hot coffee in a continuous stream, adding Irish Whiskey delivered in a dramatic pour, and finishing off each glass with lightly whipped cream. Even the cream is aged.

It's quite the site to witness and a wonderful way to end...or start...your day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Travelers: Take These Along...Part Three

I roll my clothes when packing. I also include tissue paper in the rolled up clothes. It really helps prevent wrinkles.

You can also ball it up to place in shoes or handbags to help them keep their shape in your suitcase.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Travelers: Take These Along...Part Two

Take some dryer sheets in your luggage. After all, they really don't take up any room. Keep one in your dirty laundry bag to keep the odors down. Stuff one in your shoes to keep them smelling good. Remove static from your clothes and hair.

There are many more uses...what do you use them for when traveling?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Travelers: Take These Along...Part One

I'm sure you have many of these items sitting around. Why not put them to good use when traveling?

Bubble's not just for fun. You know how it protects, right? Why not use it for protecting a snack or an apple you're taking on the plane? Wrap your tablet computer in it before placing it in your carry on bag. It will also protect any fragile items you may purchase as souvenirs.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Travelers: Miscellenous Tips

If you have a smartphone you can create and store your documents as a back up to paper ones.

Take a photo of your passport. Make sure you take a clear that could be used to apply for yours in case you lost it.

Make notes or take photos of your hotel reservation, rental car info, hotel address, etc. You could create a file for each trip so you'll know right where all your information is stored.

Paper maps come in handy in most destinations. I can't imagine trying to read a map on my smartphone for the streets and alleys in Venice. Paper maps are also a handy place to mark sites, points of interest, and destinations you want to visit.

If you have a rental car, take a photo of the type of car and its license plate with your smartphone. If you are checking into a hotel, you're going to need this info.

When checking into your hotel, get a business card of the hotel. It will have their address and phone number. Carry this with you. If you're tired or can't quite remember the street address in the cab driver the hotel's card.

Have you thought about looking into a convent or monastery in Rome or Venice? Many are located in the old parts of town and are a great spot to stay.

Do you journal about the places you visited? Try buying postcards from someplace you visited each day. At the end of the day, on the back of that day's postcard jot down a few things you did or saw. List a favorite restaurant or special site. When your trip is finished, you have your journal complete with photos to remind you where you were or what you did. You can then sort your photographs to match the postcards.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travelers: Summer Travel

It's already summer, so hopefully your summer travel plans are all finalized. Most travel experts recommend booking about 60 to 90 days in advance. After that, you may find some airline deals but most tickets will cost you more for summer travel.

Do you book any admission tickets, park passes, campsite entrance fees, or museum passes online ahead of time? If not, you should think about doing that. Usually you can save some money. Many places offer online discounts or coupons as well. And, it sure beats standing in line.

Do you check the weather before you go? If so, you'll know whether you need a rain coat or sunscreen or both.

Download some helpful apps. GasBuddy shows you the cheapest gas stations on your road trip route. Check your traffic app to see where traffic is the worst or the best. You may find a better route.

Check for free activities near your destination. Most city tourism websites offer deals and coupons..

You may want to hang onto these tips and use them next summer!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Travelers: Security Lines

Next time you are standing in line ready to go through security at the airport, take a look ahead of you.

Look at the agents using the screening machines. Are they fast or slow?

Look at how many babies or wheelchairs are in lines. Usually these take longer.

Check out how many bags the travelers in front of you have. Each bag needs to be placed on the belt, screened, and removed.

Look at people that seem confused by the whole process. You definitely don't want to be behind them.