Thursday, May 22, 2014

Travelers: Do you worry about identity theft?

Protecting your identity is crucial...especially when traveling. Is it something you take extra precautions for and pay attention to while you travel?

Do you know what to look for when in a new place or country? Check out these tips...

Some may seem obvious, but they all have merit.

Pay attention when using ATMs. First, make sure it is a real ATM and not a fake. Use one at a bank you know is real. Cover the touch pad when entering your PIN or have someone stand behind you.

If you are using credit cards, check your statements while traveling.

Protect your passport. Keep it in a secure place, pocket, or purse compartment.

Think before you use public computers. Most hotels, B&Bs, and rentals have free wi-fi that is secure when you need to use your computer. If it's not secure, be sure to log out of whatever site you were using as soon as you are finished.

Turn off your smartphone's settings that allows the phone to automatically connect to nearby wi-fi hot spots. It's a good idea to lock your smartphone as well.

If you are staying in a hotel and receive a call in your room or on your smartphone to add an additional credit card to your room...don't give out one over the phone, even the hotel phone. Visit the front desk in person. Chances are they didn't call you.

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