Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travelers: Are you ready to go?

When thinking about a vacation, do you plan your spending ahead of time? Do you save money to use while on vacation? If so, what's your plan?

Some people throw all their change in a jar or piggy bank. Spare change adds up. Our bank doesn't let us bring in loose change, however. They give us the paper wraps and we need to count it and roll it. Not too bad for change that might just sit in a drawer or at the bottom of your purse. This year my spare change added up to almost $300.

Recently I read about a site that lets you save online. It's called SmartyPig.com. Apparently you can set goals and SmaryPig keeps the transfers going until you reach your goals. I haven't tried it but it seems like a fun way to accumulate some extra travel money.

You could also open a dedicated savings account just for travel. You might want to check with your bank to avoid any fees if the account has required amounts.

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