Saturday, April 12, 2014

Travelers: Packing and More Packing Tips

We've all seen those travelers with gigantic suitcases. I always wonder what on earth is in them and how long the traveler is staying.

Does your bag threaten to burst at the seams once you have everything in it you would ever need? Is it because you're packing for the worst possible thing that could happen? Try making a list before you stuff all that stuff into your bag. Going to the beach for a casual week? You probably won't need to pack three pair of jeans and two sweaters. Going to Paris in the spring? Check the weather to see if you really need a rain coat, an umbrella, and a waterproof jacket.

A packing list will also help you cut down on tossing in everything within sight into your bag. Make that list ahead of time. Then, add to it or delete it from it as the time gets closer. Again, check the weather.

Try to color coordinate your clothing. You'll find you have to pack less. If your clothes can do double duty...that's even better. Frequent travelers bring along tops that can be washed in the sink and hung up to dry quickly.

Gadgets...chargers...and gizmos. With a list, you'll be more apt to bring the right chargers and gadgets. You won't have to throw in everything just in case you'll need it.

Worse case forget something. You'll probably find a way to buy it...or find you can do without it.

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