Thursday, April 10, 2014

Travelers: Dealing With Jet Lag

Ever wonder what 'jet lag' really is? According to Dr. Gary Zammit, Executive Director of New York City's Sleep Disorders Institute, it's the negative experiences people have when their internal body clock becomes "desynchronized" from the actual clock time around them.

Or...your body doesn't catch up. So, what can you do to help with this?

You could start living like the time zone where you will be flying to, at least three days before departure. That may seem a little drastic and hard to do. But, it works for some people.

Others like to get a bunch of sleep before they leave. Maybe you can't really store up your sleep, but you will leave well rested.

According to the experts, alcohol actually makes jet lag worse. It dehydrates you...and so does the air on the plane, due to altitude. If you drink enough to pass out...your body doesn't qualify that as restful sleep.

Some long time travelers say 'no' to a nap once you are at your destination. Still others say a short nap is okay.

What do you do?

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