Thursday, March 27, 2014

Traveling With Binder Clips

Binder clips...yes the regular office, black clips...have multiple uses when traveling. Clip a couple different sizes inside your purse or carry on to use later.

Need your money all in one spot? Use a binder clip.

If you are traveling with several different cables or cords for recharging your phone, tablet, etc. clip them together in your suitcase or carry one. Those mischievous cords won't get lost in your luggage.

Did you know you can cover the sharp end of a razor with a binder clip?

If you need to rinse out clothing or hang your swimsuit up to dry overnight...the binder clip works well.

I've used a binder clip as a fastener for a makeshift skirt. Wrap a shawl around your waist and clip it to your shorts or pants and you have an instant skirt.

Keep your receipts together, find pages in a guidebook, mark a spot on your map, fix a belt...the uses are endless.

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