Saturday, March 29, 2014

Airplane Air

We all know the air on planes seems to make our skin dry out more quickly. Visiting with some frequent fliers about this, everyone had their favorite remedies.

One flight attendant told me she always cleanses and exfoliates her skin the day before a long journey. Then she applies a hydrating mask, one that is meant to stay on her skin, before flying.

Another tip I heard was to add a couple drops of lavender or eucalyptus to a scarf or small pack of tissues. Breathing in these scents helps you to relax. Not sure about keeping your skin from drying out...but it seems like a pleasant way to drift off to sleep.

One frequent long flight traveler told me she keeps a 'must have' kit in her carry on bag. Anything she can find in sample sizes work especially great. She includes:

Cleansing Wipes
Moisturizing Cream...for hands and for face (she has one she uses for both)
Lip Balm
Regenerating Eye Cream
Emery Board
Toothbrush and Toothpaste

What do you travel with in your bag?

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