Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Travel Mistakes

Recently I read several posts about mistakes some travelers make. Any of these resonate with you?

When you booked your airline ticket, you didn't leave a comfortable amount of time between your connecting flights. Check the airport where you will be connecting. You can find airport maps online. Do you know how far you'll have to walk? Are you carrying your luggage?

When you rented a house for your vacation, you didn't really read the contract. Did you know the neighborhood had a curfew? Did you speak to the owner of the house to find out anything special that wasn't listed in the contract? Did you look at the check out time or the fact that you had to do the laundry before you left?

When you booked your flight into an out-of-the-way airport because it was cheaper, did you realize it would take you over two hours to get to your hotel? Sometimes less popular airports are great...sometimes not. Check out the logistics.

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