Thursday, February 20, 2014

Train Travel

If you are looking for an economical way to travel around Europe, check out the Eurail pass or the European country rail pass.

You can view both on their websites. If you are using a travel agent, be sure to ask questions about your destinations and stops. If you want to purchase on your own, it's definitely easy to do. Think about these things before you make your purchase.

Plan out the cities and days you will need the passes. Are you traveling in only one country or through several? It will make a difference.

Check the beginning and ending times and days of the pass. Friday nights fill up quickly.

Remember you need to validate your rail pass at a railway ticket office before you use it the first time. There may be a line to do so.

If you want an assigned seat, be sure to purchase the correct pass.

You will need to make advance reservations for sleepers.

Don't leave your luggage unguarded...use a lock or some other form of safety precaution.

Your rail pass is not replaceable...keep track of it.

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