Monday, January 27, 2014

Should You Purchase Travel Insurance?

According to a study I read, over 50% of Americans don't know what travel insurance covers. Do you know? Do you purchase travel insurance?

Here are some facts from a report from, a travel news and advice website.

Expensive trips to international destinations with limited access to medical care...good time to have travel insurance.

Travel insurance does not protect against all types of trip cancellations.

Refundable airline tickets are probably better than travel insurance if you are worried about changing your mind. Travel insurance doesn't usually reimburse for a simple change of plans.

Ask your credit card companies about protection they offer when you use their cards for traveling.

If you are getting travel insurance for medical reasons, ask detailed questions about the coverage offered. Also, ask about providers and access to them.

Concerned about stolen luggage? Make sure that is covered by the policy.

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TravelSafe Travel Insurance said...

Great tips, Wendy! Travel insurance is a great investment because it can protect you against the unexpected including medical issues, delayed flights, lost luggage and more. If we can answer any questions for you or your readers, we'd be happy to help!