Sunday, January 19, 2014

Paper Clips

Do you pack paper clips and binder clips in your travel bags? They don't take up much room, weigh practically nothing, and have so many uses.

Use one when your skirt, pants, or shirt loses a button. Clip a shawl or pashmina at your waist for a quick, makeshift skirt.

Clip your documents together in your purse or bag. Use one clip for air documents, one for hotels, one for rental cars, and more.

Clip your cords together in your bag so they don't wander around.

If using a paper map, clip it open to the spot you need. Clip the pages of your guidebook to make them easy to find.

Put a binder clip over the end of a regular, non-electric razor to prevent it from cutting anything in your luggage.

Clip your purse to the table or to your chair.

There are so many more. What do you use them for when you travel?

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