Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pesky Cords

Let's say you're going to Europe and taking your tablet computer, your phone, your Kindle, and any other gadget that needs to be recharged. If they don't all charge on the same cord or if you don't have a device that allows you to plug different cords in to the same spot, you have several cords you need to take with you.

Or, let's say your kids have a couple of game devices and they need to take their charging cords.

Keep them untangled and identified by using those plastic closures found on bread or English muffins. Write the name of the device on the little plastic tag. You could save different colors and use one color for each type of device or each kid.

Slide the plastic tag onto the cord and you'll know which device it gets used for by just glancing at it. If you have several cords, put each one in its own small plastic resealable bag. No more loose cords hanging out in the bottom of your backpack or sneaking their way around your suitcase.

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