Thursday, December 5, 2013

Airplane Travel Tips

Things to think about before boarding your plane for a non stop ride to Paris...or any other long distance flight.

The cabin air will be dry. Since you don't want that dry air to compromise your immune system, stay hydrated. This means...if you normally drink four glasses of water a day, drink at least that amount on the plane. Carry a refillable bottle and fill with water once you're through security. On the plane, ask for water to drink instead of soda.

Long stretches of sitting in one spot can contribute to circulatory conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis. On long flights, get up and walk around. Do ankle and leg  exercises at your seat. Move those ankles around in circles while sitting. Remove any tight shoes or socks.

Long flights can be boring. Pick up a book of puzzles or games to stimulate your brain. If you have recently learned a new language, practice it at your seat.

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