Monday, November 25, 2013

Airport Security

What do you do to make your time getting through airport security easier? Lately, I've seen some people that either don't travel very often or don't think ahead. They must not listen to the agents who repeat the same message over and over, either.

These are just a few tips that come to mind to avoid your delay and everyone behind you in the security line.

Do have your ID and boarding pass out before you get to the TSA person. Now is not the time to fumble in your purse because you can't remember which pocket you put it in.
Do remove your belt before you walk through the metal detector. It will beep if you don't.
Do remove everything from your pockets...everything.
Do remove your shoes...yes even flip flops.
Do remove your jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt.
Do remove any clunky jewelry...even if you think it will make it through.
Do remove the zipped bag of your 3 ounce bottles of liquids. Yes, 3 ounce bottles. The TSA doesn't care if your 12 ounce bottle only has 3 ounces left in it.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Some thinking ahead will get you ahead. And the people in line behind you will thank you.

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