Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Airport Security Line Tips

Part two of security line tips:

It's a good idea to check with your airline and find out the recommended arrival time. International times will be different than domestic. They may even vary from airline to airline.

Wear shoes you can slip on and off easily, if possible. Same goes for jackets and sweaters.

Remember to remove anything metal and place it in the bin to go through the scanner. I'm always amazed at people who forget they have on a belt or left keys in their pockets. Having said that, I wear a sterling silver bracelet most days. I've worn it for years...literally years. Through countless airport scanners. It never sets off the scanner. On the last trip home from San Diego...the scanner beeped. I had to remove it and I felt like I just committed a faux pas. I asked the TSA agent if this was a new scanner and she said yes...lesson learned. I know now to remove my bracelet!

The TSA says to leave gifts unwrapped. Apparently they figure we all use kryptonite wrapping paper that the x-ray machines can't see through. Not sure. Bottom line...leave the gifts unwrapped!

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Marsha said...

Good tips! I wish more people were prepared in the security lines. I have all my things ready to go; can't stand waiting in line.