Monday, October 28, 2013

Carry On Snacks

I know you love those small bags of peanuts and pretzels the airlines give. But, do you want a little more of a snack than that? Here are some ideas you can take in your carry on bag or purse.

Dried fruit in a resealable bag doesn't take up much room. Add nuts or popcorn in another bag and eat them together. Don't pack them in the same bag as the dried fruit tends to make the nuts and popcorn soggy. Not so good!

You can also take fresh fruit that's easy to eat. Grapes, apples, or oranges work well. Cut up the apples and oranges before you get on the plane!

Make your own peanut butter or almond butter crackers and pack them in their own bag. You could do the same with small rice cakes.

Pack some string cheese and whole grain tortilla chips.

Don't be like the guy next to me on the last flight...his sandwich made the whole plane smell like grilled onions!

Happy flying.

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