Friday, October 25, 2013

Airport Security Line Tips

It doesn't matter whether you are flying to Rome or to still need to go through airport security. Being prepared makes a difference to me. It may save you time and hassle as well.

Get organized in your carry on luggage. The TSA says if you pack your carry on suitcase in layers it speeds up the process for their viewing agents. They don't have to wonder what they are looking at in your luggage. I prefer to roll my clothes, but I still have my suitcase organized.

You know you're going to need your boarding pass and ID. Have it ready BEFORE you arrive at the agent checking these items. Nothing worse than being behind someone who is searching and searching for their ID that dropped into the abyss of their bag.

Have your 3 ounce containers in a clear zip top bag before you get to the security line. Know where you put it in your carry on bag. Standing in line is not the time to discover your bottles are 6 ounces or to wonder where you put them in the bag.

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