Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Travel Packing Tips

Everyone has their favorite packing tips...from liquids to clothes to valuables. Here are a few of mine:

When staying at a hotel, I check with them to see if they have hairdryers. If the website doesn't tell me, I call them. If I don't have to pack a bulky hairdryer...I don't.

I pack several zip top bags of different sizes. They take up almost no room and come in handy for many uses.

Regardless of how long of a trip I'm on, I lay out my clothes before packing them. That way I can see how much I have to pack and what can stay at home. I tend to take black as a base for either pants or skirts and bring tops or scarves in colors.

If the trip is a longer one, I will do laundry. If staying in an apartment, I try to book one with a washer and hopefully a dryer. If in a hotel, I use the sink. Either way, you can pack less clothes and do some quick laundry. Take small packs of laundry detergent or put some powdered detergent in one of your zip top bags.

Place a scented dryer sheet in your dirty clothes bag. Your whole suitcase won't smell like your dirty clothes.

Check the weather before you pack and definitely before you leave home.

Check which adapter you will need when flying out of the US.

I always pack a shawl or pashmina in my carry on bag. It has so many uses from a blanket to a wrap to a makeshift skirt to a pillow.

These are just a few...I'll share more later. What are your favorite packing tips?

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