Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TasteLive Wine Tasting

Last week I was fortunate enough to taste five French Sauvignon Blanc wines with a master sommelier and another wine guru.

The event was sponsored by TasteLive and included the following line up. 

2012 Domaine de la Charmoise (Henry Marionnet) Sauvignon Blanc Touraine – $13.99

2011 La Garrelière “Le Blanc” Sauvignon Blanc Touraine – $16.99

2011 Ricard “Les Trois Chenes” Touraine Blanc – $14.99

2011 Xavier Weisskopf Sauvignon du Touraine – $13.99

2012 Jean-Francois Merieau “Hexagonals” Sauvignon Blanc Touraine – $13.99

As you can see, these are reasonably priced wines. I wasn't sure how much difference I would taste...but the variety of tastes ranged from not very acidic to much more mineraly to an even balance.

Great event...and I have some new favorites. 

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