Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tips for Staying Safe on an Airplane

In light of the recent plane crashes and issues, there has been much written about how to stay safe on planes when traveling. I've read many of these and complied my own list from sources, other blogs, and my own experiences.

First of all, have you ever really listened to the flight attendants when they talk about the safety card?  That card is different for each type of plane, because the seats are different, the exits are different, etc.

So, listen and then do what the attendants ask you to do. Look around and find all the exits. They tell you the nearest one may not be your best option. Look for all of them. This is your plan of escape, should you need it.

You could even count the number of rows between you and the nearest exit. It might help if the cabin is filled with smoke or luggage...if you can remember that number.

Do you actually know where those oxygen masks will come from? Perhaps it's a good idea to look next time you are on board a plane.

Apparently, most of the crashes come in the first and last few minutes of any flight...takeoff and landing. Stay awake and pay attention, especially during those times. Put your shoes on, put your laptop away, and unclutter the area around you well before landing.

One post I read said...if the little saying in your head says to get out and you haven't yet been told to get out, you should listen to your instincts. Get out.

Experts say you have about two minutes to get out of the plane in order to maximize your chances of survival. Leave your luggage, your purse, your computer behind. It could mean the difference between getting out safely and not. Try to stay low as the air will be better toward the floor.

Once out, keep moving away from the plane...preferably upwind.

Fly the safety card...and listen to the flight attendants.

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