Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rental Car Questions

If I am renting a car in another country, can I use my US driver's license? Usually, in English speaking countries...yes. Many other countries require an International Driving Permit. Be sure to check with the rental car company before you leave the US as the IDP must be issued in your home country.

Will my GPS work in Europe? Most GPS devices will work, if you purchase a European chip. Install it and the maps will appear just like you are used to in the US.

Do I need any special insurance? Check with your auto insurance company to see what is covered by your own policy and if they recommend purchasing extra insurance at the time of the rental.

Will I know the road signs? Check with your guide book or on the Internet to see if there are any special rules for driving. You can also ask your insurance company for any tips. Road signs are fairly self explanatory and well marked. Round abouts or traffic circles may be confusing the first time you encounter one, but they make so much sense once you get used to them. You just need to understand who has the right of way in one.

Happy driving.

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