Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cafe Gourmand

While in Paris, we discovered a little secret on our menus. It’s called café gourmand and it’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself to dessert.

Café Gourmand may have started out as a small macaroon or bite of chocolate with your after lunch espresso, but it has grown in size and in popularity. We noticed café gourmand on almost every bistro, bar, and sidewalk café menu throughout Paris.  

Sometimes, we were served a plate with a mini crème brulee, a tiny chocolate éclair, and a shot glass of raspberry mousse along with our espresso or coffee. Other times, a mini chocolate cookie, a profiterole, and a mini raspberry tart accompanied our espresso.

All the portions are small so you don’t fill up on desserts or calories. They all blend perfectly with the coffee. And you get to sample a variety of desserts. 

This tiny luxury is a perfect way to end your lunch or dinner.

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