Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pockets and Purses

You are at the airport...

You've removed your watch, bracelets, belt, coins, and anything else that could create a problem going through security. You've placed them in the small container and put that in the larger bin on the conveyor belt. Standing in line waiting for your bin to exit the scanner, you are probably thinking of how to quickly get to your gate. Maybe there's a whole line of people and you just want to get out of the way.

Have you ever left anything in one of those little bins? Have you dropped change all over the floor in hurrying to get going? This past week I watched a couple do just that. Security lines were long. I'm sure they were just trying to be nice and get out of the way. First, she dropped her bracelets that were laying on her jacket in the bin. Then she dropped her jacket. He dropped a whole bunch of change, his clippers, and his belt when he accidentally upset his bin when he picked it up.

They were embarrassed. The line was held up as people tried to help find their things.

Next time...place all small items in your jacket pocket,your purse, or your carry on bag. You have to put that item in the bin to go through security anyway. If you carry change in your pants...place it in a zippered pocket of your jacket or in a pouch in your carry on  so it won't escape in the ride through the scanner. You only need to grab your shoes and your bag or jacket. No standing around grabbing for small items. The line moves and you get going.

You're not going to need these items immediately once you get through security.  So why not make the time spent in security for you and for everyone in line behind you go a little more smoothly?

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