Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hotel Rooms

Have you ever asked for a better rate when you booked your hotel room? Or, do you book through a site that offers multiple hotels for that city?

While reading reviews through the site with multiple hotels can be educational and maybe even helpful, you may not get the best rate.

Frequent travelers suggest booking directly through the hotel's reservation number, not the 800 number or the larger multi-hotel site. That way you can ask if this is the best deal or if there are upgrades. You may also be able to ask for a certain floor or a room away from the elevator. It's worth a try.

And speaking of reviews, do you read them all? If you are going to read sure to read them all. You don't want to rely on one very unhappy customer or read only one review from three years ago. Read the most current ones. Pay attention to the number of happy versus unhappy people. Were the unhappy people all unhappy for the same reasons? If so, it's probably a sign that problem still exists.

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