Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Credit Card Benefits

If you use a Visa credit card check for the word "signature" on it. You may not realize it but you automatically have access to concierge service and emergency service as well as rental car insurance. Concierge service can assist you with reservations for restaurants. If you have paid with that credit card for your trip, you will also receive travel accident insurance and lost luggage reimbursement. Is your Visa card affiliated with any particular airline? Are you signed up for that airline's mileage program? Check it out and see what benefits you may have with your Visa card.

Some Master Cards have additional benefits as well, especially if it is a US Airways, Best Western, or Chase Freedom branded Master Card. Perks vary from luggage reimbursement to accident and trip cancellation insurance. Check out what your card has.

American Express set the bar several years ago for travel perks. Not surprising as they began as a travel agency business in 1915 and introduced their credit cards in the 1950s. If you travel with an American Express card, be sure to register with their Membership Rewards program. Many travel benefits are associated with that.

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