Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Traveling With a Smart Phone

A recent Rick Steves travel post indicated that by the end of 2011 half of all American mobile phone users will have a smartphone. Why? They are becoming essential tools for traveling.

Do you use one when you travel? Why or why not?

After all, you could record a video and post it to your Facebook page. You could check in online for your next flight, talk to someone half way around the world connected to Wi-Fi via Skype, or find out how traffic is in San Francisco. Maybe you have the travel ap for the city or country you will be visiting. Guide books are great resources, but your phone is easier to carry.

Need a hotel reservation on short notice? Want to figure out train schedules? Perhaps you want to ask a question in a language you normally do not speak. Need a subway map? Use your smartphone.

Likewise, when in Europe your smartphone is great as a travel tool. It's probably not something you want to use as a phone, however. Calls can be expensive. Talk to your carrier about international plans before you go. That way you will know what your charges will add up to while you are gone.

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