Monday, January 24, 2011

Buying Luggage

If your travel has increased over the years...your luggage probably has changed to meet your travel needs. Luggage has become lighter and more efficient. Wheels, handles, colors, pockets, sizes and functions have all improved.

If you are in need of new luggage...take some time to figure out what you need or want. Maybe you thought you wanted an 18 inch carry on...only to get to the luggage store and find out there are 16, 18, 20, and 22 inch carry on pieces.

Recently I was in need of a new carry on piece and thought I knew what I wanted. Even with research, options were amazing. And so were prices!

Some have many outside pockets...too many zippers and pockets to even know what you might put in them. Some had shiny gold zippers...too shiny for my taste. And how long would that shine last in case I checked that bag?

Some have wheels that rotate...great for walking, but a real problem if you stop on an incline. You'll soon have a run-away bag. There are hard cases and soft cases...pretty colors and black. Most seem to be a whole lot lighter than the last bag I bought.

Some warranties are better than others. Do I really want to keep the box it came case I need to ship it back for repairs?

In the end the bag I bought will soon get its test voyage...stay tuned.

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