Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Travel

Some travel sites say that December 23 is the biggest air travel day of the year. Some tell us airports are busiest and flight delays are most common during December 19 to 23 and December 26 to 28. Be prepared if you are flying this year and you will have a better travel experience.

You have probably heard all the TSA rules and regulations about bringing packages. Don't wrap them. Good idea... If it isn't too late, ship them ahead of time and all you need is a carry on. That way if you need to change flights at the last minute, you have your luggage.

If you can, ask someone to drive you to the airport...and pick you up. That way you won't have to vie for a spot in an overloaded parking lot. And you can go right to the door without having to wait for a shuttle bus.

Download mobile travel apps...maybe one with flight status, your airline's home site, one with airport security wait times, etc.

Add any useful phone numbers to your cell phone. If you have your airline's phone number, you can call them while standing in a re-booking line.

Check the weather where you are going as well as any cities where your plane will be stopping...both incoming and outgoing. You will know if you need to keep an eye on your flight status.

Set up flight alerts to your cell phone.

Merry Christmas and Happy Traveling...

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