Thursday, November 18, 2010

Living Like a Local

Hike through vineyards in the fall...with the owner's permission of course.

Take time to savor amazing views...

Saving money is important...yet you want to get away for a few days...try a vacation home and travel like a local.

Traveling like a local could mean renting a vacation home instead of a hotel. Usually vacation home rentals are located in residential areas...not in row after row of hotels. This gives you a flavor for the city or area you are visiting. Also, you end up with more space than in a hotel room, allowing you more room to stretch out or relax.

You could save some more money by cooking or eating in for a few meals. Usually equipped with a kitchen, buy a few groceries and have breakfast or lunch at "home". If you are into cooking, check before you book to see if the kitchen comes fully equipped for cooking. It's not only cheaper but can be a fun experience.

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