Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Carry These With You

Traveling with some necessary items in your carry-on luggage can make a difference.

Baby Wipes...these versatile wipes are not just for kids. Clean up after a meal or a long flight, refresh before you land or use in an emergency as toilet paper.

Toothbrush...especially useful after a long flight.

Pen...how many times did you need a pen and could not find one for immigration forms, crossword puzzles or jotting down some good information?

Granola bars...good for flight delays, hungry kids or in place of expensive airport food.

Resealable bags...collect your garbage on a flight, keep your seashells from getting crushed in the bottom of your bag, keep your documents together or store your damp toothbrush.

Mini flashlight...use instead of the overhead light to get some reading done on your flight.

I'll bet you have some more great ideas...want to share?

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