Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Airline Tickets

With Christmas fast approaching, who wouldn't like to receive a trip? Give one to your kids and they can come see you, give one to a friend that needs a break or surprise your spouse. How do you do it? Here are some ideas.

Give an airline ticket. may not want to actually BUY the ticket. There are better options if you do not know all the details of when they can travel.

Purchase an airline gift card. If that's the route you take, be sure to look at the redemption rules. Some have expiration dates, some cannot be redeemed online and some have fees to redeem them.

Think about purchasing a gift card from American Express or etc. and the person can use it on a variety of airlines.

Or purchase miles for the passenger if they have a frequent flyer account with that airline.

Use your own miles to book their trip...if you know the details of the trip.

Think of buying a gift card from Southwest Airlines...where there is no fee to change flying dates nor for checked bags.

At any rate, think fast. According to USA Today fares are expected to be 17% more expensive this holiday period compared to last year. There probably won't be as many last minute deals either.

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