Friday, October 15, 2010


When you are looking for a hotel, B & B, restaurant or anything else do you read reviews? If so, how much do you believe what is written?

I read reviews...but I also look at the number of positive ones versus the negative ones. Anybody can write a bad review. But if there are several bad ones to few positive ones...I will probably not use that hotel or etc.

On the other hand I look closely at the positive ones, paying close attention to the words used. If the rooms in a B & B are "charming" or "cozy" I may think they are small. In that case I would read some more reviews to see if anyone else talks about the size of the rooms. If someone says their experience was memorable and would definitely come back...there is a good chance I will look closely at that one.

Another question. Do you write a review of your hotel, restaurant or etc. after you return home? I do. And I am truthful and specific about my experience...positive or negative.

How about you?

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