Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holiday Travel

It's Fall and if you are traveling over the are some things to think about.

Book Now! The sooner you can book, the better. Perhaps you could get a cheaper flight closer to your trip, but do you really want to chance that? Plus this way you can get the seat you want...or at least closer to it!

Book your flight for early in the day. You are less likely to deal with delays and hectic situations at the airport.

If you can travel on the actual holiday you can save some money, according to the airlines. And if you are flying from the east coast to the west an early departure puts you on the ground with most of the day left to celebrate.

Consider an alternate airport. You may have to drive, but if weather is not an issue you may save enough money on your flights to make it worth your time.

If you are flying to Europe, try to fly on December 25, 26 or 27 or New Year's Eve to beat the crowds. Remember to check out your cab or hotel shuttle needs ahead of time, though. They might not be running on those days.

Always check any hidden flight costs when you book. And make peace with your flight costs. You can bring your own snacks to avoid costly airport food. Bring non-sugar foods like vegetables, or nuts or cereal. Don't forget reading material, your iPod, cell phone and laptop...including their chargers.

Leave early...early enough that it may seem ridiculous. You may have to wait in the security line an extra long time or perhaps you will get behind those that just take a long time whatever they do! This gives you just a little more room to breathe. You can always sit and relax before boarding your plane. Or wander through the airport. Some now have mini-museums or art galleries where you can spend some time.

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