Friday, September 10, 2010

Traveling with Kids

When thinking about traveling this fall or over the holidays with kids...keep these thoughts in mind.

Airport security is always time consuming. Remember even kids need to remove shoes, jackets, sweaters and empty their pockets. Plus, their carry-on bags also need to be placed on the belt to be looked at by the TSA Agents. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to allow more time to get through security.

Rolling backpacks now come in kid size. Even if you don't pack many clothes in one, they are great for snacks (no water until after security), books, etc.

Pack clothes that don't take up much room, ones that don't wrinkle, ones that are multi-purpose or ones you can hand wash and dry quickly.

Planes can be cold. Tie a jacket or sweater around their waist so they can get to it easily.

If you are using carry-on luggage only, have everyone wear their heaviest shoes and jackets. It makes the bags a little lighter.

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