Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Volcano Lessons

Did the last eruption of the volcano in Iceland disrupt your travel plans? Our friends at Budget Travel offer some important advice to help you prepare if something like this happens again.

Go to the airport every day for the best shot at open seats...especially if you must get on a plane as soon as you can. The reason? There will be empty seats due to passengers missing connections. If you are at the airport, you may be able to take advantage of these.

Bring extra medications. If you are on a must have med, be sure to take extras with you.

Have a back up plan. Did you leave your pets with a friend or at a kennel? You need to call them. Is someone taking care of your house and assumes you will be home on a certain day? Call them, too.

Write down names and addresses of people you meet while traveling...especially those with whom you strike up a friendship. You may just be able to ask if you can rent their sofa for the night...and save some cash over the now higher priced hotels.

Good luck...

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