Monday, April 26, 2010

San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers

Stepping inside San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers is more than stepping into the Victoria-era building. Built in 1879, surviving the 1906 earthquake, lasting through numerous fires and the 1995 windstorms...the Conservatory is now an endangered monument.

Numerous galleries, all with native plants, await your journey. Smells overwhelm you as you linger in the Lowland Tropics.

So humid my lens kept fogging over...yet strangely realistic as your eyes seem to fog over the exact same way! More like a perfumed sauna complete with flowers at our beck and call, this area engulfed us in a blanket of warm moist air.

Orchids cling to tree bark, splendid in their colorful arrangements. Notice the drops of water on each petal.

Strange plants and trees reside in yet another part of the Conservatory. Spikes on this one really were sharp, begging to be touched.

More to come...

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