Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach Blanket Babylon

Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest running musical revue in theatre history, even has it's own street sign. And worthy of more than just a street sign, this musical has performed to sold out audiences over 12,000 times.

Be prepared to laugh until your jaw hurts...to sing along with songs you just thought you knew...to watch the famous and infamous as you've never seen them before...to stare in amazement at those hats...those crazy HUGE hats.

No headline nor headliner is safe from this stage. Everyone from Tiger Woods (yes even his latest escapades) to Michael Jackson to Sarah Palin to Elvis to Oprah to the Jonas Brothers to the Obama's to...the list goes on and on. And you just can't quit laughing.

You walk out the door, still grinning and laughing to yourself at something you just remembered about the show. Then you think about those hats. How do they do that?

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