Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tipping in Restaurants

Tips are expected in some countries...not so much in others. Amounts vary by country. Expectations vary even more. Recently I came across an article with some tips guidelines. Not set in stone...just guidelines. Perhaps you have your own experiences regarding tips. Share them, please.

In Germany a service charge is included in your bill as bedienung. However, it is still the norm to tip up to an extra 10%, especially in upscale restaurants. It is also good manners to hand your tip to your server instead of placing it on the table.

When dining in restaurants in Italy a 10% to 15% service charge may be already added to your bill. If so, it is not expected to add more. If not, a 10% tip is sufficient. Some smaller family run trattorias do not accept tips. Probably best to look around and see what the locals are doing.

Service is included by law in France and your bill may say service compris to indicate this. It is still polite to round up the bill to the nearest Euro or to add 10% for exceptional service.

Tipping in the US is expected and a 15% tip appears to be the minimum. Exceptional service should include a 20% tip.

These are recent guidelines from a travel source. Do you agree? Do you tip? Just curious...

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