Thursday, March 25, 2010


You're getting ready to take a trip across the ocean and you're packing all your gadgets. They all have cords, right? Will you be able to use them in Europe or Asia?

First, they probably won't fit in the socket because our two-parallel prong plugs are seldom used anywhere else. You will need an adapter. Don't know what to buy? Check out for a useful comparison chart.

Keep in mind that just because your plug may fit doesn't mean your appliance can handle the type of power now coursing through your cord. There is also a difference in voltage in other countries. Not a pretty site when you "fry" your hair dryer.

What do you do? You could leave all your appliances at home. Or you could check with your hotel to see if the rooms come equipped with hairdryers, if that's what you need to get ready in the morning.

You could purchase battery operated models of whatever it is you need. Or buy one that has dual voltage capacity. Some have a switch so you can change from 110 to 220 volts.

Can't live without something? Then purchase your adapters before you leave home. You'll save some money. If you like shopping online, check out You may want to look into a surge protector specifically designed for higher voltages.

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