Monday, March 8, 2010

Armstrong Woods

Celebrating 75 years...just a drop in the bucket of the life of these magnificent trees.

Fairly self explanatory sign...

With over 55 inches of rain annually here in the Armstrong Redwoods, this is classified as a temperate rain forest.

There is absolutely no way to capture the grandeur and beauty of these trees on film.

With strands like these throughout the park, silence is the main sound. Truly a living reminder of the once primeval redwood forests that covered this part of the country.

Giants hugging the bank of a crystal clear stream.

Some redwoods grow only an inch or so each year where their tops are exposed to full sun. Under ideal conditions of partial shade and protection from moisture loss, trees may grow two to three feet in a year.

Sunlight does make its way to the forest floor now and then. Even at that, it's cold walking through the forest. And quiet...once again you notice the silence. Not many birds or wildlife as there are not many food sources. We did hear an owl and a woodpecker.

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