Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pack Your Bag

These packing tips are not new but are always good reminders, especially when planning a trip longer than a weekend.

Make a list before you start packing for your next trip. Not only are the chances of forgetting something less but it may help you to organize your luggage better. Include clothes as well as tickets, guidebooks, ID's, passports, money, camera, batteries, chargers, vitamins, etc. etc. etc.

Once you have your list, try laying everything you plan to take on your bed. Take a look at the amount of items, the number of outfits, how many shoes you have in the pile, how many sweaters you really have, etc.

Does it all fit in the luggage you were going to pack? Do you really need everything you have in the pile? Can you consolidate outfits to eliminate some shoes or extra tops or bottoms? Will one black sweater fit the bill for the whole trip, allowing you to leave your navy and cream ones at home? Shoes can take up a lot of room. Can you coordinate so fewer pairs are needed?

You may be amazed at what you can leave home!

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