Thursday, February 11, 2010


Wandering around Danville, California we discovered an interesting shop. Perhaps a better choice of words would be...bordello meets geisha meets antique aunt meets funky Victorian parlour all rolled into one TINY shop. Not one square inch was left unadorned. Even the ceilings were festive with dozens of Japanese umbrellas. So when the sign said "Uncommon Wares"...they really meant it. Ever see a life size chicken decked out in jewels and beads? They have one.

You have to look up...all the way to the top of the walls and on the ceilings. Just don't move when you do or you'll miss something at eye level.

Crystal chandeliers hung amongst the umbrellas, showing off both in amazing light patterns. Believe me whatever you are looking for from modern to antique jewelry to sequin purses to unique pill boxes to garden art...the list goes on and on...they have it at Gardenseed in Danville, CA.

An antique ring just had to come home with me. See what I mean...they have everything.

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