Monday, January 4, 2010

Superstitions Around the World

Just found these fun superstition facts on Budget Travel...

Japan: traditional funeral rites dictate that bodies be laid out with the head to the north. Hotels often position beds to point east, south or west so the afterworld doesn't get the wrong idea.

UK: it's lucky to cross paths with a black cat. Steer clear of crows or ravens, though.

East Asia: the number 4 is avoided in hotel floors and office buildings as it sounds like the word for "death" in Japanese and Mandarin.

Italy: the number 17 is unlucky here. As a courtesy to passengers from Italy and countries where the number 13 is unlucky, Lufthansa Airlines has removed rows 13 and 17 from its planes.

Ireland: a four leaf clover brings luck...but you must carry it about on you and never give it away or your luck will run away.

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